GyroAviation is an organisation run by dedicated Gyroplane aviators. We love all forms of Rotary aircraft but are particularly dedicated to Gyroplanes.
    The Gyroplane community is small but growing and is deemed the fastest growing Sports Aviation sector in many countries. In many ways, the community is held back by aircraft expense and availability of qualified Instructors, particularly in the UK. With recent changes in the UK CAA laws allowing for more Instructor training, training on Syndicated machines and the ability to rent/hire a Gyroplane, it wont be too long before Gyroplanes gain a level of recognition and following as General Aviation or Microlights already enjoy.
    GyroAviation is committed to playing their part by offering Flight Training, Trial Flights and Aircraft Rental. We also want to help fellow Gyroplane pilots and owners through free web services, including but not limited to Classifieds, facilitating Owner Pilots to rent out their Aircraft, facilitating Syndicates to advertise, promoting knowledge through online documents and links.
    Please fee free to register and make full use of our website. If you are not computer savvy and you have an item to sell, or you want to put up your aircraft for rental, just email us and we will be happy to do it for you.
    Contact details are given for Registered Users only. Please use the Contact form for enquiries/questions.



Documents Library

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ATTENTION! The CAA is Switching to Online Submission; Documents Here May Be out of Date or No Longer Accepted; Please See CAA Website11/02/2021 1:32 pm1k

CAA CA1 Aircraft Registration Application For Registration Of Aircraft Or Change Of Ownership11/02/2021 1:32 pm230.1k

CAA Permit Renewal Flow Diagram Permit Renewal Flow Diagram11/02/2021 1:32 pm30k

CAA SRG1706 CreditCardDebitCard Credit & Debit Card Payment Submission Form11/02/2021 1:32 pm53k

CAA Trustee Grid Syndicate Trustee Form11/02/2021 1:32 pm71.6k

SRG1710FFenabled Application For Issue Of An Airworthiness Certificate11/02/2021 1:32 pm186.1k

SRG1711FFenabled1 Application For The Renewal Of A Permanent EASA Permit To Fly Or UK National Permit To Fly11/02/2021 1:32 pm79.5k

SRG MED160 Application Form For An Aviation Medical Certificate11/02/2021 1:32 pm105.1k

Srg Lts Stds Doc 44 Print Version 100412 Standards Document 44 Gyroplane Licensing Verson 1 March 201211/02/2021 1:32 pm323.1k