GyroAviation is an organisation run by dedicated Gyroplane aviators. We love all forms of Rotary aircraft but are particularly dedicated to Gyroplanes.
    The Gyroplane community is small but growing and is deemed the fastest growing Sports Aviation sector in many countries. In many ways, the community is held back by aircraft expense and availability of qualified Instructors, particularly in the UK. With recent changes in the UK CAA laws allowing for more Instructor training, training on Syndicated machines and the ability to rent/hire a Gyroplane, it wont be too long before Gyroplanes gain a level of recognition and following as General Aviation or Microlights already enjoy.
    GyroAviation is committed to playing their part by offering Flight Training, Trial Flights and Aircraft Rental. We also want to help fellow Gyroplane pilots and owners through free web services, including but not limited to Classifieds, facilitating Owner Pilots to rent out their Aircraft, facilitating Syndicates to advertise, promoting knowledge through online documents and links.
    Please fee free to register and make full use of our website. If you are not computer savvy and you have an item to sell, or you want to put up your aircraft for rental, just email us and we will be happy to do it for you.
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GyroAviation can provide Pilot training with our instructors via the Gyrocopter Experience network of training schools, click here to be forwarded to their booking system.

In order to understand Gyroplane training, it is best to understand a brief insight into the organisations and requirements which form the Gyroplane community.

Training of Gyroplane pilots in the UK is mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority who are responsible for all areas of Gyroplane flying. ie. PPL(G) Syllabus, Aircraft Design, Build and Airworthiness, Personal licenses and Training and Aircraft Certificates and Permits to fly.

The CAA primarily only legislate and oversee the operations of Gyroplane’s, which it does in collaboration with organisations who have a vested interest in the training, manufacture and interests of the pilots.

In the UK Gyroplane world, the primary organisations of note are:

Organisation Function Description
British RotorCraft Association Representation Representing Gyroplane Instructors, pilots, owners and manufacturers to the CAA
International Association of
Professional Gyroplane Training
International Standardisation of Gyroplane Training using Best Practise
Magni Gyro UK Manufacturer UK dealer for the VPM, M16 and M24 Orion Gyroplane’s
RotorSport Ltd Manufacturer UK dealer for the MT-03, MTO Sport, Calidus and Cavalon Gyroplane’s
Gyrocopter Experience Ltd Training Largest UK network of Gyroplane Schools
CAA Approved Instructors Training BRA mandated list of Instructors and Gyroplane Schools

Generally, to start off on your Gyroplane adventure, you would:-

  • become a member of the British Rotorcraft Association (optional, but they are there to represent your interests)
  • become a member of the International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training, just to access their endless wealth of information on Gyroplane’s is reason enough,
  • choose a type of Gyroplane which fits your style and budget (best way is to take a trial flight)
  • sign up with a school, train, pass the theoretical subjects and flying exam to obtain your license
  • decide wether to buy a Gyroplane, join a syndicate (a group of like minded pilots sharing a machine) or Rent.

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